What is Mezzanine Floor?

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A Mezzanine floor is actually a raised platform between the floor and ceiling of a warehouse or any building. They are available in almost all shapes and sizes to cater to the specific requirements of each of the users. The aim of mezzanine floor is to maximise the available vertical space. This type of floor provides additional room both above as well as below and can be built free of any existing structures which is immensely beneficial.

Mezzanine floor is usually made up of steel aluminium or fiberglass and can be easily customised as per the exact needs of the usersto suit their settings in the best possible manner. They are made up of beams, columns, purlins, and decking. In addition to this, the added accessories to the mezzanine floor are handrails, pallet gates and staircases. The mezzanine floor is mostly custom made and created from detailed drawings that are tailored to meet the exact specifications of every user.

How Space Rack Can Help?

Space Rack takes pride in being one of the leading mezzanine floor suppliers in the UAE. Building the steel frames that steadily supports a mezzanine floor takes a degree of skill as well as expertise which the team of Space Rack has. Moreover, the team of Space Rack has several years on experience in providing warehouse storage solutions and hence they come up with the right solutions every time. Thus, at any point of time, you are in search of the best mezzanine floor suppliers in the UAE, do not look any further and come to Space Rack.

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