Importance of Labelling in Warehouses

Importance of Labelling in Warehouses

Labelling, as can be understood from the name, is naming or coding various products so as to make them easily identifiable even when they are present in groups. Warehouse is basically a centralised location for receiving, storing, and distributing different products. Thus, it is of immense importance to appropriately label each of the products which makes it quite easy as well as convenient to properly identify all the products without giving rise to any confusion. Labelling forms an important area of focus in the overall warehouse design solutions.

Different Types of Warehouse Labels

There are different types of warehouse labels available and we have listed some of the major among those here to make it easier for the users to understand in the right way.

Floor Labels – These are labels designed for the floors and are suitable for warehouses with several rooms

Rack Labels – These are the most common types of warehouse labelling suited for the racks for easy identification of different group of products

Product Labels – As indicated by the name, these labels are used for marking different products in the warehouses

Retro Reflective Labels – These labels are ideally suited for barcoding shelves that can be scanned from about 45 feet away due to the particles in labels which reflect light.

Why Warehouse Labelling?

Warehouse labelling is important for the following reasons.

  • Extremely efficient inventory as well as warehouse management
  • Confusion to identify the products is minimised
  • Risk of errors is readily reduced
  • The products are very to read and identify

How Can Space Rack Help?

Space Rack takes pride in providing top notch warehouse design solutions including different types of warehouse labelling as well as warehouse barriers. It is to make sure the every warehouse owner can get a complete package of warehouse storage and design solutions.

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