Importance of Mesh Partitions & Cages

Importance of Mesh Partitions & Cages

If you are looking for ways to manage the limited space inside your factory or a warehouse, Mesh Partitions and Wire Cages are the best and cost-effective options to do so. In order to streamline your facility operation, you need to cordon off work areas and manage the flow of items as well as people. It is also necessary from the safety point of view.

Manufacturers of mesh partition & cages can customize these storage products as per business requirements. They have the potential to improve your business management and other aspects in the following ways:

1.       A COST-EFFECTIVE & FLEXIBLE SOLUTION: Mesh partitions & cages are simple, durable, and flexible. They are the cost-effective solution to your security needs for a variety of facilities such as warehouses, pharmacies, military installations, data centers, police, and more.

2.       RESISTANT TO BOLT CUTTERS: One of the best features of this type of partitioning system is that it is resistant to bolt cutters. There is no chance that intruders can cut heavy gauge wire partitions.  

3.       FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE PARTITIONS: Wire partitions are modular which means you can install them easily and later break down and repurpose as your needs change. These partitions are ideal to create storage cages for equipment, tools, and inventory.

4.       INHERENT BENEFITS OF WIRE MESH: There are so any limitations of solid partitions as you can’t see through them as a result to which you will need additional lighting arrangement. The cost of a solid partition is high. On the other hand, mesh partition and wire cages are lightweight, easy to install, and highly flexible and customizable. They can withstand aggressive physical attacks and can be outfitted with different gate and door solutions.

How SpaceRack Can Help?

SpaceRack offers designing and installation of Mesh Partitions and cages. We are a leading supplier of partitioning and storage products in UAE. We perform a site survey first and then design partitions and storage solutions based on the space available and purpose. All our products are highly cost-effective and ideal for both new and existing facilities.

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