Advantages of Using a Multi Tier Shelving

Multi Tier Shelving

Multi tier shelving system or storage solutions, as can be understood from the name, is a storage solution that has multiple tiers. These are like add on floors with adequate storage space, thereby playing a significant role in the efficient utilisation of available storage space in the warehouses, manufacturing units, as well as assembling units, along with a number of other places. Multi tier shelving is a complete system that has multiple shelves, racks and is equipped with floors, stairs, aisles, lifts, walkways, and others. Most importantly, there are a number of advantages of using a multi tier shelving system that are as listed below.

  • Multi tier shelving plays a crucial role in maximisation of the use of available space
  • This storage system can be configured in a way as desired by the users hence flexibility is readily enhanced
  • Multi tier shelving helps in reducing the risk and make the warehouse a safer place to work
  • Floor space utilisation in this type of shelving system is very high
  • The overall storage volume is increased by 100 percent as compared to the usual floor seated racking system
  • Multi tier shelving makes optimal use of surface, height, as well as storage volume

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