What is bolt free shelving system?

Bolt-free shelving system

The bolt-free shelving system is an advanced warehousing solution made of zinc finish steel. It is a preferred choice of leading brands across the globe for being an ideal warehousing system for commercial storage shelves and stockroom applications. The bolt free shelving system is designed for fast, easy and hassle-free storage solutions that demand no too usage. The shelving system is highly flexible and can be converted as per the present ware house racking requirements. The high-quality and sturdy steel construction guarantee high strength and durability and make it a reliable option for a wide range of storage applications including garment hanging, allowing for shelving and small component storage within a single bay. The shelving system is ideal for storage of all types of items from small components to heavy items. Through the bolt free shelving system, warehouse owners and managers can maximize storage space. The units can be extended at the top ensuring expansion of space as and when required. It is hassle free to assemble and install and hence offer you more resources to focus on your core business activities.

Bolt free shelving system

1) Maintenance

The core feature of bolt free shelving system is that they are very easy to maintain. Depending on your organizational requirements, the shelves can be altered in number and size, ensuing maximum space expansion and utilization with any hassle. The easy to alter design allows businesses to have organized warehouse racking and stockroom, offering them a competitive edge during rush times and peak seasons. It is preferred as the most economical and simple way to extend storage space and maximize output.

The easy construction and user-friendliness has made this stock storage solution ideal for all types of commercial and industrial settings. Both the modules and shelves are the USP of this bolt free storage setup.

Maintaining bolt free storage is very easy. It’s made from steel panels and hence does not collects dust and dirt like conventional chipboard shelves. There are several accessories provided with the heavy duty warehouse shelving and racking which guarantees easy conversion of a conventional bay to a shelving system. The containers are ideal for sorting inventory and boost product classification and color identification. You ca also add the basic bolt free shelving systems onto mobile bases to maximize storage space in Dubaiand save floor space.

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2) Main features

  • All-encompassing storage – The versatile storage space can be used for storing and organizing a wide range of products including small to medium sized items from different industries.
  • Low cost – A very cost-effective option for warehousing solutions. Sturdy and simple construction sets a reasonable price.
  • Strong and durable – Despite being simple, the bolt free shelving systems never compromise on strength and flexibility.
  • Integration – Easy to integrate with existing multi-tier shelving structures.

3) Advantages

Bolt-free shelving systems are an inexpensive way to maximize the storage space in Dubai at warehouses. The manual storing and picking system makes them highly user-friendly and allows smooth functions. The no hassle installation is the core feature of the shelving UAE system and perhaps the best advantage. For versatility and ease of warehousing functions, bolt free shelving solutions are the best. The shelving system is ideal for all types of storage requirements.

Bolt-free shelving system consists of frame and upright. It does not require any bolts or nuts, and hence the name bolt-free shelving system. The users can avail themselves of both open as well as closed shelving bolt-free shelving units. Moreover, these units are available in a number of sizes, thereby making them efficient to store varied size items. In addition to this, if the storage requirements tend to change over time, it is very easily possible to quickly adjust this shelving system accordingly. In case of more requirements of storage volume, the bolt-free shelving system can be extended to the ceiling as well. Let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand the advantages of bolt-free shelving.

  • A bolt-free shelving system happens to be a modular shelving system that efficiently and effectively meets almost every business requirement
  • It is much more economical than other shelving systems 
  • Extremely easy to assemble as well as install and does not require any additional tool
  • Easily and conveniently adjustable as per requirements
  • Immensely versatile in nature and plays a major role in simplifying different warehouse functions

It is always recommended to get in touch with a professional service provider to get the best out of the bolt-free shelving system.

4) Applications of Bolt-Free Shelving System

Bolt-free shelving systems are ideal for storing virtually every kind of item ranging from small components to heavy cartons. Coming in various sizes, these shelves find a wide array of applications in different industries to easily and conveniently hold items of different sizes. A bolt-free shelving system is most suitable for storing loads that are lightweight and requires simple storage. They are also best for storage of items that are manually handled.

5) Where Bolt-Free Shelving System is Not Applicable?

A bolt-free shelving system is not recommended for storing heavy-duty loads like very heavy cartons, solid iron or steel items, and similar others. So, a point of precaution needs to be taken to make sure that very heavy loads are not stored in this type of shelving system. 

6) Factors to Consider

The available shelving UAE options in the market can intimidate a buyer in making the right decision. The available shelving options differ in terms of materials, design, dimensions and functionality. Ensuring the best selection of shelving system for light goods for your business or home guarantees long-term benefits and hassle-free storage solutions. One must consider a range of factors when making the buying decision. Some of the core aspects to contemplate include:

a) Safety

Safety first

Check the material used for making the shelves. The material must be in accordance with the prescribed standards. The design and construction must allow safe and stable construction and ease of storage. The storage rack UAE must pass the EN10204 quality and durability standards

b) Ease/complexity of assembly

Dealing with complex assembly instructions is the last thing you want. The bolt-free shelving system save you the hassle as they can be easily assembled using no tool but hands.

c) Dimensions and mobility

Dimensions and mobility

The nut free shelving system offers great flexibility. It is important that you consider the dimensions of the shelves before you but. If required, the shelf can be moved to another area/ bay and hence choosing the right size of shelving system is critical.

d) Customizability and accessories

The conventional storage system does not allow versatile usage. However, the ideal and modern nut free shelving systems can be customized as per the storage needs in hand. Depending on the storage specifics of the hoods, the shelves can be shuffled and assembled accordingly. Also, advanced storage solutions come with several accessories including metal planes, plastic planes, modular containers, tyre storage solution, spacers, etc.

e) Load capacity

Load capacity

f) Budget


7) How Does Space Rack Help?

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In addition to this, Space Rack also offers maintenance solutions for shelving and racking systems which is immensely beneficial for the users. Most importantly, all the storage solutions available at Space Rack come at a pocket-friendly price so that it stays easy on the pockets of almost every user. Thus, at any point in time, you are looking forward to getting the best bolt-free shelving system or other racking and shelving system, all you need to do is get in touch with our team of experts where you can be assured of getting the best solutions always. 

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