How To calculate pallet rack load capacity?

Determining the Loading Capacity Of The Pallet Racks

Finding the weight that you can put on pallet racking system and how to calculate its storage capacity both are important to consider. Experts as well as those who design pallet racks determine racking load limits by calculating the structural load-bearing capacity of each component of the rack system. Each component together contributes to the rack’s integrity. This is how pallet racking load limits are determined. It is a mathematical concept and should be calculated wisely as safety and efficiency racks are a major concern.

Understanding Two Significant Calculations

To ensure the safety and efficiency of a storage solution, it is essential to determine the capacity of your pallet rack frame and pallet rack beam. Measuring the capacity of both these components will give a complete idea of the capacity of your racking solution.

Calculating the Capacity of Pallet Rack Beams

To calculate the capacity of beams, determine the type of pallet or load you will store on them. Getting an idea of the weight that will be stored in each beam is imperative. For example, if you are planning to store three pallets with loads of 500 lbs each, then the beam capacity must be a minimum of 1500 lbs or much more.

Maximum Pallet Weight X Number of Pallets Per Level = Beam Capacity

Calculating the Capacity of Pallet Rack Frame

The first step to finding out the capacity of the pallet frame would be measuring the vertical beam spacing. It is simple to calculate the beam spacing. All you need to do is measure from the top of one beam level to the top of the next beam level. For example, if the deliberated vertical beam spacing comes at 80 inches, then the frame capacity should be 80 lbs.

Apart from the above factors, there are many others that determine the capacity of your pallet racking system. These include:

  •        Steel type used in the construction of racking components
  •        Strength and width of the steel
  •       Beam level and load distribution
  •        Foot plate size
  •        Quality of the steel
  •        Rack upright height, width, gauge, and pattern


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