Pallet Storage & Pallet Racking Systems for industrial storage

Pallet Storage & Pallet Racking Systems for industrial storage

Having convenient storage solutions is very important for effective warehousing and also for maintaining smooth workflow. Optimal storage solutions are also important that all the items are stored safely and in an organized manner. This makes accessing items very easy and maximize the available space. 

Pallet racking is a popular storage solutions. Whether it is an industry or a factory, pallet racking has been a preferred choice of storage for long time.

What is Pallet Storage/Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is an advanced material handling storage solution that is designed to store items on pallets. The flat pallets maximize storage space and offer an organized means to store a wide range of items. The pallets are installed in horizontal rows and make a multi-level storage system. 

Salient features of Pallet Racking:

• Pallet racking is the best means for high stock rotation frequency. 

• They are cost effective and offer multi-story storage solutions.

• Pallet racking is easy to access and items at the back and front can be easily picked.

• The storage lines can be easily arranged as per the requirements.

What is Pallet Storage System with Decking Panels?

Pallet storage system with decking panel is used for storing non-palletized items. This pallet system is very convenient and can be changed as per the need. Some features of pallet racking system with decking panels include:

• Depending upon the height of the SKU, the loading levels can be changed easily.

• It can be integrated easily with mobbing items and organized as desired.

• It comes with a custom fabricated staircase that can be added with a goods lift.

What is live Pallet Racking System?

Live pallet racking system is also one of the popular pallet racking systems. It is ideal for order picking and is a modern warehousing and storage technology. The key features of this pallet racking system includes:

• compact lane configuration

• floor space utilization

• direct access to stored items

• increased staff efficiency

Pallet racking is a great way to boost efficiency of a factory or warehouse. Available in different size and pallet arrangement options, they are versatile in nature to store a wide range of material.

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