Different Types Of Warehouse Shelving And Storage Solutions

Types Of Warehouse Shelving And Storage Systems

A warehouse is a place that is known for storing, machinery, inventories, and products with different SKUs. You may find a variety in these shelving systems and you have to choose the suitable one depending upon the type of products you want to store in the warehouse. The companies offering storage solutions design shelving systems keeping in mind the need of the facility and type of products they need to store, depending upon product weight.

Given below are some of the commonly available storage systems used in the warehouse:

MEZZANINE FLOOR: A mezzanine floor is a unique space-saving storage solutions that are used by several warehouses to make the best use of verticle height which is commonly wasted by many warehouses. A mezzanine serves as the best solution to create space within space. This type of shelving system is constructed using heavy-duty nuts, bolts, and slotted angles.

PALLET RACKING: Pallet racking is the major attraction of the operation of the busiest and largest warehouses. Pallet racks are typically made from metal, plastic, or wood. They have the capacity to hold inventory comprising of the large boxes. There are several subcategories of pallet racking systems. These include:

·         Carton-Flow Racking

·         Cantilever Racking

·         Coil Racking

·         Double-Deep Racking

·         Drive-In Racking

·         Drive-Through Racking

·         High-Bay Racking

·         Mobile Racking

·         Narrow Aisle Racking

·         Pallet Live Racking

·         Push Back Racking

·         Shuttle Racking

·         Vertical Racking 

Most of the warehouses choose pallet racks based on weight limits and flexibility.

CANTILEVER RACKS: If you have to store products that are several feet long and not fitting on any other types of shelves, then cantilever racks are ideal for storing such products, for example, long pieces of lumber, siding, pipes, tubing, or poles for houses. Other types of shelving just aren’t meant to hold such products.

WIRE PARTITIONS: Wire partitions are effectively and strategically-placed wire cages that are designed to be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily. Products housed within wire partitions are the ones that need special security.

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