What is Mobile Shelving?

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Mobile shelving refers to a storage solution that involves storage cabinets or racks mounted to carriages on wheels .These storage cabinets or racks slide across a floor track so as to eliminate the fixed aisles that results in waste of space, thereby providing the users with more storage capacity within the same footprint .The mobile shelving units play a significant role providing the users with a space-saving storage solution, thereby facilitating much better as well as efficient utilization of the available space. In addition to this, the opening and closing of the compactable shelves is quite easy as well as convenient with easy to do controls for the movement of the aisle. The movement of the shelves or racks is usually done with turn handle, or a push-button, thereby eliminating wasted space and providing more space for storage.

Benefits of Mobile Shelving

The benefits of mobile shelving extend quite far beyond just the space-saving benefits that the warehouse owners will attain. The installation of mobile shelving allows the users to enjoy some advantages that are as discussed below.

Extremely Efficient Use of Available Space

The use of mobile shelving system instead of traditional alternatives enables the warehouse owners to have the potential for reduction of their footprint into half.

Overall Organization is Readily Improved

Mobile shelves or racks play a major role in keeping all the stored items appropriately organized, thereby making it easier for the users to conveniently find what they are looking for, which in turn, increases productivity.

Easily Customisable

Mobile shelving solutions can be very easily customised so as to effectively meet all the specific needs of various businesses. The options for customisation being so easy and convenient, mobile shelving systems lie among the top of the preference list of users.

Security is Improved

With the availability of an electric locking device, remote access, and regular locking mechanisms, the mobile shelving systems help in the reduction of potential theft, thereby enhancing security to a great extent.

Cost Effective Option

Mobile shelving is an extremely cost effective form of storage since it provides more storage in the same available space as compared to traditional storage systems. Mobile shelving promotes more profitable as well as productive use of floor.

How Space Rack Helps?

Space Rack takes pride in being one of the best racking and shelving companies in Dubai, UAE providing customized storage solutions the users. With several years of experience and expertise in this field, Space Rack assures every user of the best storage solution tailored as per their specific needs. Our mobile shelving solutions help in increasing overall efficiency as well as productivity of the warehouse.

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