When is Cantilever Racking Ideally Suited?

When is Cantilever Racking Ideally Suited?

Cantilever racking is a special type of racking system designed for appropriately storing odd shaped items, long items, or items of various lengths such as pipes, steel, beams, or timber, and a number of other similar items. Traditional racking systems make the storing of these odd shaped items very difficult which is precisely the situation where cantilever racking comes to the rescue. Cantilever racking systems are ideally designed to suit the requirements of storage of items of varying lengths and shapes. This racking system is ideal to store both heavy duty goods as well as light-duty goods.

The storage system come with a sturdy structure made up of horizontal and vertical beams, thereby aiming to provide a good amount of stability for storing long as well as heavy goods. In addition to this, cantilever racking systems offer a significant support to the overall weight of the load placed on them. With the superb versatility of the storage system, it finds a wide array of applications. Let us delve a bit deeper into cantilever racking system to understand the situations where they are ideally suited.

  • The cantilever racking system is appropriate to store a variety of items with different shapes and length
  • This type of storage system is perfect to store a wide variety of heavyweight goods
  • Cantilever racking is good to store lightweight goods of different lengths

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