Which Pallet Racking System is Best for my Business?

Pallet racking system

Most of the warehouses look forward to maximizing their available storage with different pallet racking systems to best suit their requirements. Here is how you can do the selection.

Selective Racking

  • Most popular and easily installable allowing pallets to be accessed with ease from the structure’s aisle
  • Takes up very little space and easily configurable to any required size

Pallet Flow Racking

  • Suitable for the quick-moving of pallets both in and out employing first in-first out formula
  • Easy to manage and works well with perishable items & clothes

Drive-in Racking

  • Affordable and offers efficient storage capabilities
  • Allows forklifts to make way easily for constant stocking

Push Back Racking

  • Best used for highly efficient storage along with enabling inventory rotation employing the last in-first out formula
  • Enhances product visibility for easy selection

Carton Flow Racking

  • A great option for storage that employs first in-first out formula
  • Uses a gravity feed rear-load design for optimizing operation and management

Cantilever Racking

  • Consists of freestanding racks with front access
  • Ideally used for storage of bulky and long products

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