Cantilever Warehouse Racking

Design and Installation

  • It is a highly versatile form of storage.
  • They are robust & sturdy.

When is Cantilever Racking Ideally Suited?

  • Ideal for storing long or odd-shaped items like pipes, steel, or timber.
  • Perfect for heavyweight goods like wooden planks, metal sheets, furniture, and others.

What Are The Features Of Cantilever Racking?

  • Designed for long and bulky items, ones with varying lengths.
  • Offers very good accommodation facilities
  • Adjust loads with different weights and heights.
  • Powerful well-built structure that offers considerable strength & protection against damages.
  • Extremely versatile and can be readily used.
  • Easy to transform into a mobile rack.

What are the benefits of Using Cantilever Racking?

  • Offers great support for loads with longer dimensions
  • Easy, convenient, and quick adjustment
  • Easily available
  • Customized as per load requirements
  • Comes with fewer parts and easy to install

Space Rack offers a complete range of cantilever racking solutions that are suitable for almost every type of picking requirement in the best possible manner.

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