Drive-In Racking – An Ideal Warehouse Racking System

Drive-in racking systems in UAE are the ones that provide a high-density solution to the warehouse owners and hence one of the preferred racking systems. 

Suitable for Less Space 

  • Drive-in racking is the ideal solution when warehouse space is low
  • The racking system makes efficient utilization of available space
  • It is an economical as well as space effective bulk storage solution
  • Space utilization is up to 60 percent

Offers a High-Density Storage Solution

  • Provides very high storage capacity
  • It cuts down aisle space to make it suitable for storing voluminous items
  • Drive-in racking system is suitable for heavy pallets

Strong and Durable

  • Drive-in racking system is strong and durable
  • It is made up of robust material to ensure a stable structure
  • This system comes with an improved endurance 
  • Side rails are present on both side of the pallets for additional support
  • Percentage of damaged goods is reduced 

Easy to Install and Use

  • Drive-in racking system is very easy to install 
  • It can be installed in a quick time
  • The racking system is convenient for use
  • Multi deep storage corridors are present that opens up the aisle to grant easy access

Reduced Damage of Items 

  • With the drive-in racking system, the percent of damaged goods is reduced
  • This racking system copies the operation of block stacking
  • Stacking can be higher and hence reduced damage to pallets

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