Important Information Associated To Industrial Shelving & Racking

Important Information Associated To Industrial Shelving & Racking

10 Tips To Improve Shelving & Racking Safety

  1. Choose a racking system that suits your requirement.
  2. Evenly distribute the stored goods & load lower shelves first.
  3. Buy durable storage racks with built-in protection features.
  4. Display safety signs to show the max capacity of shelf.
  5. Make sure floor can support a fully loaded racking system.
  6. Make use of racking protection posts to prevent accidental collisions.
  7. Aisle should be wide enough to allow easy access to truck and trolley movements.
  8. Conduct regular inspections, repairs and maintenance of damaged racks.
  9. Properly train your workforce how to load and unload goods on racks.
  10. Do not let items overhang the shelves.

Most Common Reasons of Rack Failures

  1. Damaged Rack
  2. Incorrect Load Weight
  3. Improper lift equipment training
  4. Impacts from forklifts
  5. Inadequate aisle widths
  6. Beam elevation changes or removal       
  7. Harsh operating environment
  8. Priority on speed instead of safety
  9. Complacency

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