Guide to Long Span Racking System

When to choose Long Span Racking?

  • It is very versatile to store items with medium to heavy weight.
  • It is ideal to store products with different shapes and sizes.
  • Ideal for vertical warehousing plan.
  • If you are into manual picking operations, Long Span Racking is the best.

Core features of Long Span Racking:

  • It helps maximize the storage space in warehouses.
  • Easy to configure warehouse racking for wide array of applications.
  • Multiple height adjustment and easy to adjust arrangement.
  • Highly versatile to store a wide range of items.

Why use Long Span Racking System?

  • It allows fast and easy assembly.
  • Long Span warehouse racking can be easily customized as per the needs.
  • Load levels are very easy to adjust.
  • Of you need a highly versatile racking system, pick Long Span Racking solutions.

For more information on the same visit Space Rack. We are one of the popular rack manufacturers that specialises in the design, supply and installation of Long Span Racking in UAE.

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