Types of Mezzanine Storage Systems & Their Benefits

Types of Mezzanine Storage Systems in UAE

A mezzanine is an elevated floor system that is installed between the floor and the ceiling in an industrial setting. Designed around a facility’s existing layout, a mezzanine enables companies to forgo the time and expense of a renovation or relocation project.

Let’s find out different types of mezzanine storage systems available in UAE & their benefits. Hope this information will help you choose the right one for your facility’s needs!

Catwalks Mezzanine Storage

  • Closes to an elevated conveyor or other materials handling equipment.
  • Offers easy access to the equipment.
  • Allows adding pallet drop zones, stairways and gates easily.

Freestanding Mezzanine Storage

  • More like a fixture in the building.
  • Its steel support columns are bolted to the floor and take up minimal space.
  • Perfect solution where the usual configurations or loading requirements aren’t a major factor.

Full Mat Mezzanine Storage

  • Has features of both freestanding and catwalk systems.
  • Have an open second level
  • Can be installed over existing shelving or workspace areas.

Integrated or Structural Mezzanine Storage

  • Manufactured as a part of the original building design.
  • Permanent types of mezzanines with concrete floors.
  • They support load weight.

Structural Storage System

  • Shelf and rack are supported by conventional pallet rack uprights or bin shelving systems
  • They don’t require any structural columns.
  • Highly affordable and can be built upon already existing storage.

Customized Mezzanine Storage

It can accommodate any design, components, column spacing and unusual load characteristics. 

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