Tips To Keep Your Pallet Rack Safe

Tips To Keep Your Pallet Rack Safe

A pallet rack is an integral piece of your business. Explore ways to keep them productive and last longer!

1.       Know Your Pallet Rack Capacity

Keep a check on leading and post them clearly

Never exceed the listed capacity of your pallet rack, otherwise, they would collapse. Post the maximum capacities per pallet or beam level to let your employees know how much weight the system can safely take.

2.       Install Your Racking System Properly

Is your storage system is properly installed?

Any preventive measure would be superficial if your racks have not been installed properly. Check if your ground is evenly leveled and can hold the upright frames.

The whole is the sum of its parts.

Several components together make your pallet racking system sturdy. Each part plays a significant role in retaining its structure. So, keep a regular check on each of these components such as beams, pallets, timber, shims, and much more.

3.       Storage Rack Problems You Can Identify

Warehouse rack damage is quite common, but sometimes they are difficult to spot. Some issues that appear insignificant or minor become serious later.

Loose baseplates could be the one!

A rack’s feet are crucial for its stability. All racks should be anchor-bolted to the floor. Any loose or missing plates should be pulled from service.  

Bent or buckled vertical uprights

A slight bend or buckle can seriously reduce an ability of an upright to stand up under heavy loads. If there is a gap, it’s a definite weak point.

 Deflected horizontal beams

Beam deflection like sagging or bowing is clearly visible. This is a serious problem. Relieve loads immediately and take measures to repair or replace it. 

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