Types Of Warehouse Racking Systems Available In UAE

Types Of Warehouse Racking Systems Available In UAE

Pallet Racking

  • Highly reliable and sturdy in nature
  • Well-designed to offer sufficient space
  • Best alternative to shelving system
  • Available in a variety of types
  • Easily customizable as per exact business needs

Drive-in Racking

  • Offer multi deep and easily accessible storage corridors
  • Have high storage capacity
  • Optimal for storing voluminous products
  • Robust to ensure a stable structure with great endurance
  • Side rails to support drive-in and drive-through racking

Multi-Tier Racking

  • Allows high-density storage using multi-tier catwalks
  • Highly space-saving thereby reducing space cost
  • Compact operation resulting in reduced operations
  • Increases the speed of put away as well as picking
  • Easy to add or remove racks

Cantilever Racking

  • Designed for long and bulky items
  • Offers excellent accommodation allowing loads adjustments
  • Has an extremely powerful structure
  • Offer great strength & protection against damages
  • Versatile and readily used in almost any warehouse
  • Can be easily transformed into a mobile rack

Racking with pick levels

  • Storage modules arranged in rows forming intervening aisles
  • Aisles can be sized as per forklift trucks & functional needs of logistics management
  • Pick levels installed as per the physical constraints of the loads
  • An ideal heavy-duty storage solution
  • Serves great purposes for heavy loads

Long span Racking

  • Achieve the maximum storage capacity irrespective of available space
  • Can be quickly and conveniently configured
  • Ideal to be used for a variety of applications

Easy storage heights configurations as per the requirements

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