Effective Ways to Use Warehouse Floor Space

warehouse space saving Ideas

Here are a few warehouse space saving Ideas to use the available floor space effectively in a warehouse. 

Utilize the Vertical Space

  • Taking advantage of the vertical height of the room is essential
  • Vertical storage systems are able to recover about 50 to 85 percent of the floor space

Try Storing in Bulk

  • It would be ideal to store in bulk
  • Start with the use of push back rack for storing loads up to six feet deep till automated shuttle systems for storing loads up to thirty-seven feet deep

Reclaiming the Aisle Space 

  • Pallet racking aisles can be narrowed from twelve inches wide to as thin as six inches wide
  • Irrespective of the width they can still be accessible by the handling equipment

Building a Mezzanine 

  • Building a mezzanine can increase the available floor space¬†
  • Free standing or rack supported mezzanine are able to almost double the space for storage

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