Factors to Consider While Selecting Best Bolt Free Shelving System

bolt free shelving system

Ensuring the best selection of bolt free shelving system for light goods for your business or home guarantees long-term benefits and hassle-free storage solutions. One must consider a range of factors when making the buying decision.


The design and construction must allow safe and stable construction and ease of storage. The storage rack UAE must pass the EN10204 quality and durability standards.

Ease/complexity of assembly

The bolt-free shelving system save you the hassle as they can be easily assembled using no tool but hands.

Dimensions and mobility

It is important that you consider the dimensions of the shelves before you but. If required, the shelf can be moved to another area/ bay and hence choosing the right size of shelving system is critical.

Load capacity of bolt free shelving system

As the bolt free shelving system is designed for light load storage solutions, it is ideal for storing seasonal clothes, small appliances, gardening tools, hand tools, tools and sports equipment.


The bolt free shelving system is a very cost effective option and hence a recommended choice.

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